M Public Display Stand 180 Flight Case Single

This new unique flight case is designed to transport a Multibrackets dividable floor stand for LCD, LED and Plasma screens. Holding up to 70"or 80 Kg´s it is built to last. If you need a floor stand with fast assembling and easy to disassemble this might just be the product you need.

Full Flight Spec - Built to Last
With the market for floor stands growing the need for a high quality affordable and installer friendly floor stand that is fast to install in any place or occasion is needed.
Multibrackets This is a solution perfect for rental purposes or any other occasion where fast assembly/ disassembly is needed. As with all our Public Display stands the Flight Case Edition is built upon a strong aluminum pillar. This pillar is in the flight case edition dividable 2x90cm´s, meaning you can pack this in a flight case much smaller then the actual length of the pillar.

All peripherals needed to assemble this unit is neatly packed into the flight case. We even put in some extra products if some items are lost when the product is moved from location to location.
As with the standard Public Display stand the M Public Display Stand 180 Flight Case Single has a built in 220V power rail, making on the fly installations looking really nice with little or no excessive cables around the floor stand. The pillar has built in cable management, making any audio or data cables disappear into the pillar itself.

The screen can be mounted portrait or landscape. This makes the M Public Display Stand 180 Flight Case Single usable for any occasion that one might need.


M Public Display Stand 180 Flight Case Single
  • Ultra fast assembly & disassemble
  • Dividable aluminum pillar
  • Integrated cable management
  • Portrait or landscape compatible
  • Adjustable flat panel height

    Flight case
  • Flip open door with heavy duty fittings
  • Heavy Duty plywood with black scratch resistant laminate
  • Foam Lined
  • Built in Pull Out Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Recessed Corner Wheels
  • Recessed Flip Handles

    M Public Display Stand Series is design protected by Multibrackets.
    OHIM Reference: 002008821-0001

    M Public Display Stand 180 Flight Case Single
    For screen size: 40-63"
    Feature: Highly flexible
    VESA standard: Up to 800x500 mm
    Article No: 7 350 073 730 292
    Size in mm: (WxDxH) available in a moment
    Adjustable height / Tilt: Yes / Yes, -5º~+15º
    Weight: 49,5 kg
    Colour: Black
    Max load: 90 kg
    DVD Shelf / Camera holder: Optional, not included
    Power rail 220V: Built-in
    Package size: 920x720x345mm
    Screen position: Landscape or portrait with tilt
    Wheels: Included
    Mount to floor: No
    Warranty: 5 years

  • Quick facts
    Suitable for: Public evironments
    Screensize: 40-55"
    Change flight case type:

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