M Projector Mount Short Throw Deluxe 600-1300 Large

Multibrackets M Projector Mount Short Throw Deluxe - Wall mount for projector - white

The all new M Universal Projector Mount Short Throw Deluxe is an ideal way to maximize the close up capabilities of your short throw projector while saving room space and locating the projector above the audience.

The M Universal Projectormount Short Throw Deluxe includes everything needed for a complete installation including wall plate and hardware for mounting the projector supporting a max load up 15 kg. The adjustment range allows you to locate the projector and included mount from a minimum of 600 mm from the wall with a +/-5 tilt adjustment. Distance between mounting plate (centered) and wall 600-1300mm.

The included projector mount makes it possible to install almost all Short Throw projectors on the market. The projector mount is a clean designed compact projector mount with a small form factor which supports the trend towards sophisticated technology in a small package.

The built in Finetune Adjustment technology provides fingertip positioning capability which automatically adjusts to accommodate specific projector weights.

This universal mount is ideal for those who wish to use it with more than one brand or who anticipate changing projectors in the future.

Shipped fully assembled.

  • Fast installation with innovative design
  • Projector position from the wall min 615 mm - max 1310 mm (centered)
  • Integrated lateral shift
  • Telescopic slide extension
  • Fine tune adjustment alignment with with 3-axle angle
  • Integrated cable management system for concealing cables
  • Includes short throw arm and projector mount
  • Includes all hardware for a complete installation for nearly any wall construction

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M Projector Mount Short Throw Deluxe 600-1300
Suitable for:Projectors
Weight:3 kg
Article No:7 350 073 730 339
Max load:15 kg
Weight Length adjustment:600 - 1300 mm
Size:Avaliable in a moment
Distribution package:2 pcs
Warranty:5 years

Suitable for: Projectors
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