M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III

The M series of projector mounts and projection screens has made Multibrackets a very popular choice in home cinema and conference rooms throughout Europe.

The range of M universal projector mount is made to fit most projectors on the market. The keys to our success has been the basic idea to deliver highest quality projector mounts that is easy to mount and that withholds daily use. Flexible solutions at a fraction of our competitors cost.

The M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III gives you all that, and more.

  • Ceiling
    When mounted to the ceiling the M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III is a classic projector bracket. It is an elegant and discreet in its design strong and reliable and functional. You can adjust the pillar to different heights 180mm, and 430mm and the projector can also be angled to fit almost any need.

  • Wall
    The M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III holds your projector well suspended from the wall. It can carry projectors up to 15Kg´s. The M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III is a simple yet a very elegant solution, both strong, reliable and discreetly designed. The all white design makes the mount disappear when mounted to a white wall.

    Limitless possibilities of adjustments With the longer extension arm, the projector will hang 430 mm from the ceiling or out from the wall. Without the extension arm can be set to 180 mm from the ceiling. The “joint” solution holding pillar and projector gives limitless adjustabilities both when it is wall and ceiling mounted.

    Multibrackets Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III video

    M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III
    Article No: 7 350 022 731 011
    Height: 180 mm or 430 mm
    Distance from the ceiling minimum: 180 mm
    Distance from the wall minimum: 430 mm
    Tilt: Yes
    Weight: 2 kg
    Colour: White
    Max load ceiling / wall: 15 / 7,5 kg
    Tilt: +/-30º
    Rotate: 360º
    Distribution package: 10 pcs
    Warranty: 5 years

  • Quick facts
    Suitable for: Projectors
    Max load: 15 kg

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