M PC Media Box/Digital Signage Box II

Multibrackets M Digital Signage Box II - Mounting component (accessory box) for PC multimedia - wall-mountable, cart mountable, on the TV

Multibrackets Digital Signage Box II is a flexible solution that meets many criteria needed for your digital signage solutions to work. This is the storage solution that can be mounted on the display, selected pillar solutions or even directly to a wall and allows access to the media device/s without moving the display.

We made the M Digital Signage Box II to be as versatile and useful with Multibrackets product line as possible. But the unit could be used in many different situations even without the Multibrackets products.
Use it directly onto any screen with VESA 50x50 75x75 100x100 200x100 200x200 or mount it to the wall.

Inside this unique solution you can conceal near all media equipment you might have: Mini PCs, Media converters, digital set top boxes, content drivers, surge protectors and much more.
Flexible enough to meet your needed digital signage installation. Of course this solution is easy lockable which means access can be granted only the person with a key.

Multibrackets PC Box / Digital Signage Box II is aimed to deliver a clean look for any application.

Example placement of Mediabox II with
M Public Display Stand

  • Create a lockable space for your digital signage installation.
  • Mount it almost anywhere: On the screen, On the Public Display stand series, or even directly to the wall
  • Digital Signage Box II includes VESA patterns 50, 75, 100 and 200 standards.
  • Versatile cable in and cable out possibilities.
  • Hardware kit included.

Multibrackets Digital Signage Box II
Article No:7 350 073 731 046
VESA Standard:50x50 75x75 100x100 200x100 200x200 300x200 300x300 400x200 400x400
Weight:10 kg
Inside measurements:430x450x90mm (WxHxD)
Outside measurements:485x480x120mm (WxHxD)
Lock and key included:2pcs
Top input holes:Yes
Bottom input holes:Yes
Max weight:30 kg
Warranty:5 years

Suitable for: Most VESA mounts
Change box type:

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