M Public Display Stand 110 Tilt & Table Flight Case Black

Multibrackets Tilt & Table is a unique solution targeting audiences anywhere. Delivered in a wheel based flight case it holds screens up to 55" or 90 Kg´s and is built to last. If you need a Tilt & Table like floor stand with fast assembly and disassemble this might just be the product you need.

The M Public Display Stand 110 Tilt & Table has a versatile usage area. This a perfect partner for use in public environments such as exhibitions, trade shows, hotel lobbies, malls, hospitals just to give a few examples. The Multibrackets Tilt & Table can be used with screens in a standard landscape mode or flip down mode perfect for example showing a presentation, map. A touch screen display could be used to make interactivity go even further.

When developed this product much emphasize has been put into the stability and overall quality of the display stand, both when in place, but also when in movement between 2 locations inside its flight case.

Pillar structure is mainly made out of light weight aluminum it is both heavy duty, light weight and will support most ideas and environments it is placed in. The included steel floor base has a wide footprint making the unit stay steady on ground.

Full Flight Spec - Built to Last
All peripherals needed to assemble this unit is neatly packed into the flight case. We even put in some extra products if some items are lost when the product is moved from location to location. As with the standard Public Display stand the M Public Display Stand Tilt & Table 110 has a built in 220V power rail, making on the fly installations looking really nice with little or no excessive cables around the floor stand. The pillar has built in cable management, making any audio or data cables disappear into the pillar itself.


M Public Display Stand Tilt & Table Flight Case Black
  • Ready and packed to go - anywhere!
  • Flip it into a perfect viewing position
  • Ultra fast assembly & disassemble
  • Integrated cable management
  • Landscape or flip down compatible
  • Flip down is highly adjustable

    Flight case highlights
  • Flip open door with heavy duty fittings
  • Heavy Duty plywood with black scratch resistant laminate
  • Foam Lined
  • Built in Pull Out Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Recessed Corner Wheels
  • Recessed Flip Handles

    M Public Display Stand Series is design protected by Multibrackets.
    OHIM Reference: 002008821-0001

    M Public Display Stand 110 Tilt & Table Flight Case Black
    For screen size: 32-55"
    VESA standard:Up to 700x400 mm
    Article No: 7 350 073 731 077
    Size in mm: (WxDxH) 760x550x1100 mm
    Adjustable height: No
    Weight: 28,5 kg w/o flight case
    Colour: Black
    Max load: 90 kg
    DVD Shelf / Camera holder: Optional
    Power rail 220V: Yes
    Package size: available in a moment
    Warranty: 5 years

  • Quick facts
    Suitable for: Public evironments
    Screensize: 32-55"
    Change flight case type:

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