M Workstation Cart Camera Holder

Multibrackets M Workstation Cart Camera Holder - Shelf for video conference camera - steel - silver

This shelf is designed as a videoconference camera shelf that installs easily on the M Workstation Carts.

With this camera holder the M Workstation Cart can become your interactive movable videoconference station. The possible areas for implementation are vast. This added accessory is for example perfect for patients to talk to relatives through Skype directly through their hospital bed, or perhaps an expert analysis when the doctor is doing the round at the hospital. The Camera holder is delivered complete making less than 5 minute installation time possible. The Camera holder has a flexible height adjustment so one can adjust dependant on what screen size is used for the cart.

M Workstation Cart Camera Holder
For: Web camera
Feature: Heavy duty camera holder
Screw type: M4 - M6
Material: Steel
Article No: 7 350 073 732 258
Size in mm: (WxDxH) 145x486x240mm
Adjustable height: Yes, within the pillar
Weight: 1.54 kg
Colour: Silver
Max load: 4 kg
Warranty: 5 years

Suitable for: Workstation Carts
Change cart type:

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