M SMART Kapp Floorstand

The M SMART kapp® Floorstand is a mobile floor stand especially made to utilize the SMART Kapp42

This mobile SMART kapp Floorstand is the best way to utilize a SMART Kapp 42 stretching your investment by serving a variety of projection needs by sharing a large display over multiple rooms. With the screen mounted on the Floor stand the screen can easily be moved around to different conference rooms or education halls. The column has grommets both in the top and bottom for passing cables inside the unit, leaving it with a very clean controlled appearance. Base front is flush to the ground providing the user with free movement in touch screen applications without fear of tripping over legs or casters. The 2 high performance casters paired with the unique handle on the backside allows the stand to stay in place and move where and when you need it. Easily roll this cart through doorways and over thresholds and when in place always have stabile position of your SMART Kapp42 screen.

Want an optimal positioning for both standing and seated audiences, in any application, in any part of your location the M Smart Kapp Floorstand serves your needs.

  • Utilize the full potential of the SMART kapp 42 wherever you want to
  • Share your SMART kapp 42 in multiple rooms
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Built in handles to roll the display stand through standard size doorways and thresholds
  • Super duty, light weight construction
  • Optional: Camera holder and Shelf available

    Learn about SMART Kapp

    M SMART Kapp Floorstand
    For screen size: SMART kapp 42"
    Feature: Makes your SMART kapp 42 moveable
    VESA standard: 400x400 mm
    Article No: 7 350 073 732 364
    Size in mm: (WxDxH) 700 x 520 x 1718 mm
    Adjustable height: No
    Weight: 30.2 kg
    Colour: White
    Max load: 40 kg
    DVD Shelf / Camera holder: Optional, not included
    Power rail 220V: No
    Package size: 74.1 x 55.2 x 10.4 cm/ 151.5 x 12 x 10 cm
    Screen position: Portrait
    Wheels: Included
    Mount to floor: No
    Warranty: 5 years

  • Quick facts
    Suitable for: Public evironments
    Screensize: 60-90"
    Change type:

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