M Manual Floorstand 130Kg White SD

Multibrackets M Manual Floorstand 130 kg - Stand kit ( floor stand ) for LCD TV - white

Are you in the need of a mobile solution that allows a larger single screen to be moved into different rooms ? We might just have the solution for you. This clean designed yet robust and stabile mobile floorstand prevents the touch screen from shaking when being used. The usage of heavy duty high performance TENTE wheels makes it easy to move the screen from room to room. Easy to adjust to be always on par with its audience.

Introducing the all new M Manual Floorstand 130 kg White SD. This product incorporates design with rounded edges and overall features giving a softer, professional feel that fits well in corporate and classroom environments. Get a perfect viewing angle. No technical know how or previous usage is needed to use the M Manual Floorstand.
Just install the screen in position - and go!

Using high quality TENTE wheels this mobile floorstand can easily pass through doorways and over thresholds. Multibrackets has incorporated a clever wheelbase making it possible for the user to get very close to the screen. Holding a wide range of VESA specifications (up to 1200x800 with optional accessory) it can hold near any large screen the market has to offer.

With a variety of accessories available (optional) makes this product ideal for use anywhere where a screen needs to be moved often, or alternate heights for presentations are needed, or where the screen might be needed to be locked away after usage


  • Large screen capacity, MAX 130 kg
  • Good height makes screen fit perfect in position
  • Optimized for any audience, standing or sitting
  • Easily pass through doorways and over thresholds
  • A variety of accessories available
  • Pre-mounted components reduce installation time

WARNING! Always consult a professional installer when heavy weights are put brackets constructions. For this Multibrackets take no responsible.The specified products max capacity/ weight is the load capacity of the motor and mount.

M Manual Floorstand 130 kg White SD
For screen size:55-110"
Mounting holes (VESA):200x200 400x400 600x400 900x600 or 1200x800 as option
Article No:7 350 073 732 838
Max load:130 kg
Accessories options:Side Computer Shelf: art: 7350073731176
Camera Holder: art: 7350073731183
VESA Extender Kit 1200x800:
art: 7350073731206
Trolley:4x TENTE wheels with brake
Dimension: (WxHxD)1200x1860x800 mm
Weight:26.5 kg
Distribution package:1 pcs
Distribution package measurements: (WxHxD)1630x801x140 mm
Distribution package weight:28 kg
Warranty:5 year

Suitable for: Screen and White Board
Screensize: 55-110"
Change mount:

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