M Public Display Stand 210 Dual Pillar 150kg MAX Wheelbase

Multibrackets M Display Stand 210 Dual Pillar 150kg MAX Wheelbase - Stand for LCD / plasma panel - aluminum - black - screen size: 70" - 110" - mounting VESA interface: up to 1700 x 1200 mm – Supporting M8, M10 and M16 screws, wheel-standin

Our Display Stand Dual Pillar 150kg MAX Wheelbase will make your information stand out anywhere it is being used. The all new floorstand is a unique solution targeting audiences anywhere, both sitting and standing. With a 150 kg max weight it can hold screens up to 110". If you are after a great looking and well-designed floorstand handling your large size screen this might be a strong contender for the job. We emphasized to include all features you may need now, or may need in the future. Appealing Scandinavian design, quick assembly and a display simple height adjustment it fits into any décor. A strong and solid Wheelbase ensures great safety moving the floorstand around.

Large screen - Perfect match
With its support up to 1700x1200 using either M8, M10 or M16 screws 210 centimeter height and 150 kg Max load this Floorstand holds most large size and very large size screens. Perfect match for that Large Screen display in boardrooms, training rooms, lobbies, classrooms, auditoriums, or exhibit halls.

Aluminum construction - Built to Last
Light weight with only a third of the density of steel but high in strength directly comparable with steel an aluminum extrusion is probably the best material to make a pillar based floor stand out of. Aluminum also has exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Designed to make a long lasting impression
Design from us is often described as being fairly minimalist with clean simple lines. Highly functional, the style is effective without needing heavy elements; only what is needed is used. This Display Stand has been designed through that philosophy, as an example you will see little or no excessive cables around the floor stand. The pillars has built in cable management, making any audio or data cables disappear into the pillar itself. The included steel Wheelbase has a wide footprint making the unit stay steady on ground, yet thin enough not to be in focus.

A built in 220V Power rail easy to connect screen and other accessories without creating a mess. With a line-up of optional accessories offering functionality to meet your needs this Floorstand is easy to tailor to your specific needs: Shelves, CPU holders, Cable hooks, Camera holders and Brochure holders are just some of the accessories you can equip the M Display Stand 210 Dual Pillar 150kg MAX Wheelbase with

With its high quality and installer friendly design this floor stand will never be out of place.


  • Light weight - Heavy Duty - Aluminum construction
  • 210 centimeter Dual Pillar solution on a solid Wheelbase
  • Supporting VESA up to 1700x1200
  • Supports M8, M10, M16 screws
  • Adjustable flat panel height
  • Fast assembly & disassemble
  • Perfect height for seated and standing audiences
  • Integrated cable management
  • Scandinavian design

    M Public Display Stand Series is design protected by Multibrackets.
    OHIM Reference: 002008821-0001

M Display Stand 210 Dual Pillar 150kg MAX Wheelbase Black
For screen size:70-110"
VESA standard:Max 1700 x 1200 mm
Article No:7 350 073 733 439
Size in mm: (WxDxH)1190x650x2100 mm
Adjustable height:Yes
Weight:50 kg
Max load:150 kg
DVD Shelf / Camera holder:Optional
Power rail 220V:No
Brackets:Two pair of brackets included. VESA 600 and VESA 900.
Check drawing for details.
Extension kit:3 pairs of 150mm extension kit included
Screw hole Extension kit:M8, M10 and M16
Package size:2150 x 670 x 120mm
Warranty:5 years

Suitable for: Public evironments
Screensize: 70-110"
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