Extra Cloth, M Grey Plus, Gain 0,90 2.35:1, 84"

This projection screen surface is optimized for any user striving to get the best picture quality for their fixed frame solution. Overall the M Grey Plus generally provides higher contrast and better colour rendition than a standardized matte white projection screen surface.

The grey screen surface is the perfect choice when video images are the main source of information being projected and where ambient lighting is moderately controlled. With its specially designed grey base surface and a reflective top surface, this screen material is able to provide very good black levels without sacrificing the white level output. With its enhanced black levels and brilliant white levels, this screen surface provides deep life-like colours and greater detail and sharpness to the image.

M Grey Plus projection screen surface ensures a dramatic improvement of contrast display for any projector.

M Grey Plus is available in all fixed framed screens sizes, and is purchased separately.

Note: Frame is not included in this product.

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Extra Cloth, M Grey Plus, Gain 0,90 2.35:1 196,6x83,6, 84"
Article No: 7 350 022 734 807
Format: 2.35:1
Size: 84"
Gain: 0,9
Warranty: 1 year
Frame: Not included

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Suitable for: Framed Projection Screens
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