Mount Base For Deskmount I & III Series Black

This product is discontinued and is shown only for archive purposes

Multibrackets - Mounting component ( mounting base ) for LCD display - black - desk-mountable

Multibrackets M Vesa Deskmount series consists of a vertical post with a tilting monitor bracket with or without extension arms, for one or two monitors. The Deskmount offers an ease of use adjustable height range via a telescoping post. The desktopmount is using a clamp to mount it on the desk or tables side or backside, but there is no possibility to mount the desktopmount directly onto the table via a so called through hole technique. The Mount Base accessory solves that.

By making a hole in the table itself and using the Mount Base for Multibrackets M Vesa Deskmount you can now mount the M Vesa Deskmount directly into the table, often making installation looking even more professional and in some cases create better ergonomics.

The Mount Base attaches directly to the M Vesa Deskmount vertical post and by through-bolt attaches to the desk itself. This way it saves most of your usable desktop or counter space, thus the desktopmount base is an ideal peripheral for the M Vesa Deskmount Series for secure set-up of a LCD monitor via a grommet installation, ideal for affixing LCD monitors in POS applications, Classrooms, Call Centers or shops. With the mountbase the installation and cables are neatly hidden and creates a clean apperaence.

Mount Base For Deskmount Series Black
Suitable for:M VESA Deskmount Series
Article No:7 350 022 735 064

Suitable for: M VESA Deskmount Series
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