M Public Display Stand 165 Back to Back Silver

Multibrackets M Public Display Stand 165 Back to Back - Stand for 2 LCD displays - aluminum - silver - screen size: 46" - 63" - mounting interface: 700 x 400 mm

Multibrackets Public Display Stand 165 Back to Back is one of the most flexible and multifunctional dual back to back display stands of its kind. Finally there is a display stand that meets even the most detailed demands and situations. Ideal for retail, POS, and touchscreen applications, this highly versatile dual monitor mount gives you the flexibility you need in a busy environment. Mount two larger monitors of a total joint weight of max 100kgs. Back to back on all aluminum pillar construction, and a full range of adjustment features to fit the changing needs of multiple usage areas.

Our M Multibrackets Public Display Stand has a versatile usage area. Mainly made out of an light weight aluminum construction it is both heavy duty and will support most ideas and environments it is placed in.

When developed much emphasize has been put into the stability and overall quality of the display stand, both in place but also when in movement. As a stabile and sophisticated display stand base with wheels are included as standard. This means the series is very easy to move around, even when a screen is installed. This makes it a perfect partner for use in public environments such as conference rooms, class rooms or hospitals.

M Multibrackets Public Display Stand can be used with screens in a standard landscape mode or a portrait mode. It can be used with or without shelves, electrical power socket and camera holder.

M Multibrackets Public Display Stand Back to Back is 165cm high. Different to the other display stands in this series the Back to Back version is delivered as standard with a display stand base and not wheel base. Easily placed on its display stand base the unit can be placed on any floor or even drilled into it. Making any message presented there safe and secure. Perfect for any public environment.

Thanks to the Multibrackets Anti-theft system, you can lock the screen to the floor stand. 

Thanks to the Multibrackets Anti-theft system, you can lock the screen to the display stand. 

In short: Your imagination is this products limitation.

  • Present digital content wherever you want it
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • 165cm is a perfect height for both seated and standing audiences
  • Dual side presentation possibility "back to back"
  • Optional: Camera holder, display stand base and Shelf available
  • Aluminum heavy duty, light weight construction
  • Handles 2 VESA based TV´s or Screens in landscape and portrait modes
  • Comes as standard in Silver, optionally available in black
  • Has a built in Anti theft system for optional pad lock

    M Public Display Stand Series is design protected by Multibrackets.
    OHIM Reference: 002008821-0001

    Multibrackets Public Display Stand video

M Public Display Stand 165 Back to Back Silver
For screen size:46-63"
Feature:Dual screen back to back assembly
VESA standard:Up to 700x400 mm
Article No:7 350 022 735 408
Size in mm: (WxDxH)available in a moment
Adjustable height / Tilt:Yes / Yes, -5º - +15º on both sides
Weight:56 kg
Max load:100 kg
DVD Shelf / Camera holder:Optional, not included
Power rail 220V:Built-in
Package size:730x260x100, 540x460x65, 1650x100x175 mm
Screen position:Landscape or portrait with tilt
Mount to floor:Yes, included
Warranty:5 years

Suitable for: Public evironments
Screensize: 46-63"
Change floorstand type:

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