M VESA Desktopmount Single Stand 24

Multibrackets M VESA Desktopmount Single Stand - Stand for LCD display - aluminum, steel - black - screen size: 24" - 32" - mounting interface: 100 x 100 mm, 75 x 75 mm - desktop stand

This is the M VESA Desktopmount Single Stand. A heavy duty single monitor desk stand made for the professional user.

The perfect partner for a user of larger monitors up to 32" in the need of a powerful, stable and well balanced installation. This product allows many types of configurations, and expansions. If you are in need of a strong stand for single or multiple monitors, the M VESA Desktopmount Single Stand could be your choice.

Start conserving desk space by one, two or up to six panels on a single base. Easily add up a second flat panel by adding the M VESA Desktopmount Single Expansion Kit (sold separately) to make it a dual monitor installation fot for example daytraders or surveillance installations.

As this mount handles up to 32" screens.It is suitable for making a monitor walls on your desk.


An integrated cable management system helps you handling excessive cables around the desk.

The M VESA Desktopmount Single Stand is made out of durable aluminum and steel creating a heavy duty, but still sleek unit with great stability. This is most certainly one of the most stable multi-monitor solutions on the market today. It also matches our M VESA Desktopmount Series, allowing you to create a unity in any environment the desktop mounts are installed.

The table stand can also easily be exchanged to the M Desktopmount Desk Clamp (sold separately) to create more space on your desk. For a throu-hole installation there is an M Desktopmount Single / Dual / Triple Stand Grommet Base available.

  • A heavy duty high quality construction for the professional user
  • Create maximum ergonomic comfort for larger displays up to 32"
  • Make a simplified installation and create more effortless operations
  • Integrated cable management
  • The table stand could also easily be exchanged to the M Desktopmount Desk Clamp (sold separately as art: 7350022735019 ) to create even better space on your desk
  • You could also make a throu-hole installation with the M Desktopmount Grommet Base (sold separately as art: 7350022737433 ) .

M VESA Desktopmount Single Stand 24"-32"
For screen size:24"-32"
VESA standard:75x75, 100x100, 200x100
Article No:7 350 022 737 396
Size in mm:Available shortly
Weight:3,5 kg
Max load:15 kg for each screen
Tilt:Up to +/-20 degrees for each screen
Rotate:Up to +/-90 degrees for each screen
Yaw:Not available
Warranty:5 years

Screensize: 24"-32"

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