M Public Display Stand MediaBox1 White

Does your M Public Floorstand need storage capacity? Would you like to safely put away your remotes, computer or other electronic devices or charge iPads and other electronic devices while safely being locked away?

The Multibrackets Mediabox is a clean and well designed storage solution compatible with the M Public Floorstand Series. The cabinet offers security against unauthorized operations. The Multibrackets mediabox has good storage capacity used for Computers, Pads and notebooks and DVD players.

A large lockable opening on the front of the cabinet allows easy access to your equipment. The front door make it possible for a remote control still to be used and its backside is designed to provide sufficient cooling for any device inside. The backside construction is also simplifying connecting cables, service and maintenance.

M Public Display Stand MediaBox1 Black
Suitable for: M Public Display Stand Series
Feature: Safe storage for electronic equipment
Article No: 7 350 022 737 693
Adjustable height / Door lock: Yes / Yes
Measurements: (D/W/H) 391x530x204mm
Gross weight: 13kg
Net weight: 12kg
Colour: Black
Cable management: Yes
Warranty: 5 years

Quick facts
Suitable for: Public evironments
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