M Public Display Camera Holder HD Black

This shelf is designed as a videoconference camera shelf that installs easily on the M Public Display Stand series.

This shelf includes a center slot for securing the videoconferencing camera, which is ideal for the M Public Display Stand Series where there is a greater chance of movement and/or possible damage to camera.

The pillar of the camera shelf is easy adjustable and can be placed in any ideal height. The shelf also features four holes for securing the camera to the shelf with ease.

Multibrackets Public Display Stand video

M Public Display Stand Camera Holder HD Black
For: Web camera
Feature: Heavy duty camera holder
Material: Steel
Article No: 7 350 022 739 758
Size in mm: (WxDxH) 229x223x500mm
Adjustable height: Yes, within the pillar
Weight: 2 kg
Colour: Black
Max load: 10 kg
Warranty: 5 years

Quick facts
Suitable for: Public Display Stand Series
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