M Public Video Wallmount 3-screens 40-55" Black

This product is discontinued and is shown only for archive purposes

Multibrackets M Public Video Wallmount 3-Screens - Wall mount for 3 LCD displays - black - screen size: 40" - 55"

M Public Video Wallmount 3 screens is a standard wall mounting system suitable for clients who want to mount a video wall to an existing wall and have confirmed that their wall is able to support the weight of the desired video wall configuration (see specification on screens + video wallmount weight and measurements).

The M Public Video Wallmount 3 Screens (3x1) screen array configuration is: 3 screens wide x1 screen high.

Combined with additional M Public Video Wallmount 3 Screens, you can easily build a video wall consisting of 6 or 9 screens.

This is a perfect solution for customers who need a wall mounted video wall system for VTC, digital signage applications and more.

With the right combination of durability and serviceability, we provide standardized and cost efficient solutions or even fabricated steel and aluminum video walls designed to fit most applications or environments.

Note: All Multibrackets video walls are designed with the critical application in mind.

M Public Video Wallmount 3-Screens 40-55" Black
For screen size:40-55" for each screen
Feature:3 screen assembly
VESA standard:Up to 800x400 mm
Article No:7 350 022 739 819
Size in mm: (WxDxH)2850 x 75 x 460
Adjustable height / Depth:Yes / Yes
Weight:20 kg
Max load per screen:60 kg
Max load total:180 kg
Warranty:5 years

Suitable for: Public evironments
Change floorstand type:

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