Code of conduct

Multibracket Europe AB strives for production of its product range under a commonly accepted working conditions. Our code of conduct defines the statements that Multibrackets sees as accepted working condition for all of its workers. It is based on the FN and ILO conventions and concludes that Multibrackets initiates a discussion around a cooperation with companies who themselves are striving for excellence in these fields. Any hesitation or questioning to the general idea of the Multibrackets Code of Conduct will make Multibrackets not initiate further discussions of a cooperation with the company.

  • Laws and statutes must be fulfilled
  • Employees have the right to be a member of unions and collective negotiations
  • Discrimination is strictly prohibited
  • Wages and other allowances must be paid out in accordance with valid laws
  • Over time labour cannot exceed the valid rules and must be compensated for accordingly
  • Health and safety aspect should be taken in consideration at any time
  • Child labour is strictly prohibited
  • Forced labour is strictly prohibited

    Any production that is operated by a hired factory is thoroughly informed about the code of conduct that Multibrackets follows. All cultural differences as well as different ways of working are well respected, however the basics of the code of conduct cannot be compromised or changed by third party.

    Factories working for Multibrackets are accredited and follow the code of conduct. Any faults or non-compliace to the code of conduct is registered and adjusted. The compliance to the code of conduct is controlled through a follow up check.