Multbrackets Order System
powered by Multibrackets Europe and DHL Global Forwarding

Drop shipments anywhere in Europe - anytime you like, with a click!

Multibrackets' straightforward logistics thinking makes shipments fast and easy. Finally you can make delivery time and logistics precision a competitive edge. Directly from one of our European warehouses.

Photo: DHL Global Forwarding
At Multibrackets we know that having an efficient stock and being able to drop shipped goods fast and to any warehouse or even customers' site directly is essential for making a deal and build up successfull business. That is why we together with DHL Global Forwarding invented a logistics system making ordering and shipment a breeze.

All European Multibrackets distribution partners recieve a login and can easily place any order around the clock on any day of the year with a specified delivery date. After the order is placed we take over and doublecheck all details as we approve the order for packing and ship out. Rarely does an approved order pass a packing and fulfillment time of 24 hours.

When placing an order one can see complete details about the items, whether they are in stock or what the estimated time of arrival is for that specific item. As said an order is rarely waiting 24 hours to being packed at our side, so we will do our very best to keep the right items in stock for you and your partners.

Our warehouse is located within one of Scandinavias largest distribution centers for DHL. This gives us a strategic advantage to quickly load the items to any truck or vessel leaving your way. Minimum delay and maximum speed towards desired destination.

All documents such as packinglists, invoices and tracking numbers are handled via our online order system, making it possible for you to trace historic delivery information and also in detail see all delivery information from the past until your latest shipout made today. All online at the tip of your fingers, at any time!

Click on the image below for the description of the online order system.

We would like to invite you to be a part of our efficient and profitable family. Welcome!

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How long does it`s take to process the Order?
- We pack and ship every business day.
- Orders are being processed within 24 hours after approval, DHL is then alerted for "no time loss" ship out.
- Tracking online is available or assisted by Multibrackets.
- Estimated delivery time: 3 days EU-wide.
- Shipping documents and tracking number is automatically sent by e-mail upon pick up.

Does the Shipping Cost depend on how many items we buy?
Yes, we charge you exact shipping and handling cost to help you save on freight, we weigh every item or pallet. Our system will automatically calculates the weight of the parcel and you will be charged an exact cost of it. Multibrackets do not profit from shipping and handling.

How much is the shipping cost to my country?
Shipping cost varies on destination country. We will assist you and find the lowest tariffs possible.

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